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Graphic Design is a most common word we get to hear in the creative industry. If we observe our life and zoom to each and every detail just like we do in our mobile phones then we realize that we are surrounded by the artistic visuals. From morning newspaper ads to big banners advertising product or service while driving to office, everything has got the essence of designing. And any design which is created by keeping visual hierarchy and page layouting in mind is nothing but a graphic design in true sense. In this modern generation, where digitalization is increasing day by day and content is been consumed by almost everyone, the skill of graphic design can ensure a satisfying career and unstoppable flow of money to your bank accounts. If we analyze the social media platforms then everyone knows that content is king but what makes content a king? A stunning visuals or high quality images and assets, or sophisticated textual fonts? If you are thinking everything mentioned above are necessary to make content a king then you are absolutely right. So if you combine all the above mentioned elements then it defines graphic design as a whole.
So if you are a creative personality and have this itch of creating things through visual designs then you have what it takes to build a decorative graphic designing career. MAAC Vasai are a most popular institutes when it comes to best courses for graphic designing in vasai region. If you’re at all interested in becoming a professional graphic designer, then stay connected with us till the end. You won’t regret.

1. What is Graphic Design?

The textual and visual are the two main aspects of design. Which means for designing anything your artwork should be fulfilling a textual as well as visual criteria. But question is how we can fulfill those criteria? So, those criteria needs an artistic and skillful execution in order to fulfill those criteria. Which means you have to combine text and visual skillfully to turn an okayish design into a proper design. And the art or a skill of combing textual and visual aspect in a designing is known as graphic design.So from magazines to newspapers every product or service advertisement you see are the examples of graphic design. Though motion graphics advertisement comes under video editing but first that particular advertisement is made using designing tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator which eventually comes under graphic design. So, do you have a knack of designing? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then MAAC Vasai is offering you a platform full of resources to become a professional graphic designer.

2. Future of Graphic Design

As every brand or organization is shifting to a digital space, brand building techniques are advancing day by day at much faster pace. So according to you, How graphic designing will change the future?. So honestly speaking, after the pandemic, graphic design industry has experienced alot of changes and variations in reality. So, what do you think about the future of graphic design? To learn more about it keep reading till the end & explore more about this course.

If we truely think about the future of the graphic design then we can associate it with the ever-evolving AR and VR technologies. Because when it comes to graphic design, AR/VR has played a vital role in taking the graphic design game to the next level. Because graphic designers are now creating a dynamic environment in order to experience the AR/VR technologies. So, to clear the confusion in your mind regarding building a career in graphic designing the answer is ‘Graphic Designing’ holds a very bright future and one can without any doubt build their career as a graphic designer. And if you also want to build your long-lasting career in graphic designing then MAAC Vasai is offering you one of the best graphic designing course in vasai region.

3. Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic Design plays a vital role in shaping the career in creative industry. It would be incorrect to say you can build your business identity without graphic design. From Logo to Advertisements for your business graphic designing will always help you. So, to understand the importance of graphic design, lets understand how graphic designing helps you to grow in different sectors,

Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing also known as internet marketing is very important terms for marketers to help businesses grow in digital space. Graphic Designing skills will always help you in executing digital marketing like creation of social media content, website content, etc. Hence you can understand how crucial graphic designing is.

Graphic Design and Gaming

Graphic Designing in Gaming industry is like a bread and butter. Graphic designers create a stunning user-interface (UI) of a particular game. Accurate arrangements of visual components that enables a players to easily interact with game along with its settings and configuration. So, even gaming industry is influenced by the graphic designing.

Graphic Design and Advertising

Advertising and graphic designing are inseparable from each other. For making an exclusive high quality advertisement graphic designing is highly needed because the concepts in graphic design helps advertisers make an effective advertisements for captivating their audience. Hence, advertisements without graphic designing concepts are incomplete.

Now it would be clear for you that no matter which creative field you choose, graphic designing skill is the key to an endless opportunities in career. Do you want to become a professional graphic designer and build a rewarding career out of it?

4. Why MAAC Vasai for the Graphic Design course?

MAAC Vasai are the premium institutes that acts as an entrypoint in Multimedia & Design Industry. As a name suggest ‘Design’ we have our uniquely crafted course for aspiring graphic designers who wants to start their career in graphic designing. So question would have striked your mind that why MAAC Vasai for pursuing a graphic design?


MAAC Vasai is a career building institute. We provide amost every courses which helps you enter a competitive multimedia and design industry. Among which we provide one course for aspiring graphic designers. The course that we provide for learning graphic design is ‘Programme in Graphics, Web and 2D Animation (DGWA)’. This course will introduce you to each and every aspects of graphic designing and as a student you will be taught the nuances of graphic designing. So are you ready to be an industry-ready graphic designer.


MAAC Vasai is considered to be one of the best institute for graphic design in vasai. So here you will be guided by our trained faculties who have an endless stream of experience in the industry. In your learning phase, faculties will teach you everything about the graphic designing as well as you will be bombarded with some insightful industry information that will help you give direction to your career being a graphic designer.

About software

Graphic Design is the word of every young mouth who is creative from inside and has the knack of designing things from an artistic approach. For those, this graphic designing course by MAAC Vasai will be considered as the messiah in a crisis. Graphic Design has plethora of software to be mastered in order to be an excellent graphic designer. So in this course you will be taught softwares like, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator,CoralDraw, and many more complex softwares which will help you build your skills of designing and become an industry-ready.

Career Guidance

As everyone is aware of graphic designing and its importance in our life, so before starting with our course you must know about the career opportunities you will enjoy after being a graphic designer. So if you are an aspiring graphic designer then you can be a Graphic Designer, Packaging Designer, Illustrator, Layout Artist, and many more such designations which are highly craved in the industry.

5. How will students be benefited?

If somewhere in your mind you have decided to join MAAC Vasai, then let us tell you what’s in for you. Are you curious? You will enjoy following things,

Comprehensive Course Syllabus

Graphic Design is a complex field but not to worry about anything because MAAC Vasai have covered everything for you. We have decoded the whole graphic design into one comprehensive and interactive course (DGWA). You will enjoy learning graphic design as we have developed syllabus in such a way that you will be able to easily comprehend the concepts of graphic designing.

Source to immense opportunities

Through this course you will become a certified graphic designer. Which will open gates of endless opportunities in the fields of graphic design and eventually you will be able to advance your career in this competitive playground of creativity.

Unique Superpower

You as a student will enjoy one unique superpower which will make you stand apart from the crowd. And that superpower is you will be able to pour life into the images as you will be able to capture different emotions and feelings which will make your art look alive.

Good Communicator

Good Communication should not be confined to verbal and non-verbal aspects. Instead a good communication is something that ensures an effective and smooth flow of message. And as a graphic designer you will ensure the smooth flow of messages in the form of stunning visuals and excellent designs.

So what have you decided? Do you want to become an industry ready graphic designer and serve your expertise in this competitive field of creativity?

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