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The Game Design and Development

Have you heard of ‘PUBG- Player Unknown Battle Grounds’ or Call Of Duty or the highly anticipated ‘GTA Series’ and many more? We all love playing games on PC, Mobile Devices, Xbox, Playstation, etc, so in that sense we all are gamers and we all have this knack for competing with our friends online and trying to win every time, which gives us the feeling of being world-class gamers. Games have become an immense source of entertainment for us now-a-day, where each and every day, gaming giant like EA Sports, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc are coming up with unique ideas to be implemented in their games and engaging the whole world through their games, just like a Social Media Platforms have captivated the whole world in the name of ‘Socializing Beyond Boundary’. High-Graphic Games have already captivated the audience through Console Gaming but in these changing times, high graphic games are now being made for Mobile gaming audiences eg. including Fortnite and PUBG. But a question arises, does gaming is only restricted to being played and experienced? So to answer this question, Gaming Industry is in its boom period where more and more people are getting captivated by the charm of different games and their unique concepts so along with the demand for games, Game Designers and Developers are also highly demanded because for exclusive games there must be an exclusive game designers and developers which can create world-class games and monetize their career with the help of their game designing skills and creativity. So Gaming is not only restricted to playing but now you can build your career in Game Designing and Game Development through a premium and new-age course on game designing offered by MAAC Vasai named ‘Advanced Programme In Interactive Design & Games’.

1. What is Gaming?

Almost everyone is familiar with the word ‘Gaming’ and everyone has their own definition of gaming. Some sees gaming as entertainment, whereas some sees gaming as a mood booster and source of creativity, and remaining see gaming as an opportunity. So there is no concrete definition that defines gaming, but instead, we can define the essence of gaming. The essence of gaming is an advancement in culture, creativity, globalized business, and shifting the national economy upward by creating a career in the Gaming Industry. So, for building a career in gaming, one must understand what game design means. So, Game design is a conceptual course, which requires art and skills to apply designs and creative aesthetics which will result in game creation for entertainment and mood-boosting purpose. MAAC Vasai have taken the initiative to offer a top-notch course on Gaming for all the aspiring game designers and game developers who sees gaming as an opportunity and looks forward to building their career in gaming. We have a sensationalized course ‘Advanced Programme in Interactive Designs & Games’ which is dedicated to cover all the aspects of ‘Game Designing along with its Development’. So do you want to be a game designer and create a game that you have always imagined? Then you are just a call away, and getting a free career roadmap from our team of experts.

2. What are the types of Gaming?

The gaming industry is a huge industry in every form, Creation, Career, Opportunity. Being a complex industry, Gaming is made accessible in varied types that bifurcate millions of gamers across the globe. So to understand the career opportunities in the gaming industry and different courses that support the purpose of careers in the gaming industry, we have to first understand different types of gaming.

Console-based Gaming

Gaming that is done through consoles is known as Console based gaming. Consoles are electronic devices that process the imagery and visuals of the game and project it on the screen which can be controlled with the help of a controller or Joystick to be precise. Usually, the audience from this category gets to experience high-quality games as big gaming giants release their games primarily on Playstation and Xbox.

Computer-based Gaming

Gaming that is done through Computer devices and not from consoles or mobile is known as Computer-based gaming. Usually, the audience from this category gets to experience the high graphic games only if their systems meet the requirements. But gaming giants like EA Sports, Unreal Engine and Unity, and many more always come up with the Computer compatible games for their audiences who don't have any kind of console so as to allow them to experience the game.

Mobile-based Gaming

Gaming that is done through mobile phones irrespective of their operative systems like Android or Ios is known as mobile-based gaming. Usually, the audience from this category never gets to experience high graphic games from gaming companies. Instead, there are various gaming companies that make games for only mobile phones for their respective operative systems. Android users get to enjoy games that have android compatibility and vice versa for Ios.

 'God of war 4'
 'Mario World' Game

3. Importance of Game Designing

  • The gaming industry is now known to be one of the most exciting industries in the tech sector as it highlights the culture, social interactions, entertainment, and major technological evolution. PC, Mobile, and Consoled-based gaming companies are staying up to date with the technologies and incorporating such technology in their games to captivate billions of gamers across the globe.

  • The gaming industry without any doubt is one of the innovative and evolving industries in the tech world nowadays from culture, social networking, and technological up-gradation perspective. Now, the ‘Entertainment Industry’ is not only confined to stars sprawling film industry eg, Bollywood and Hollywood because now gaming itself now is considered as a mood-booster, and games are nowadays considered to be an immense source of entertainment for billions of people across the globe other than star clad movies.

  • Nobody could have imagined the advancement of the gaming industry at the speed it is advancing constantly each and every day. No one had expected this success of this industry while playing the sensational ‘The Mario world’ game in the late 80s and 90s. Who would have thought that these simplistic games would turn out to be the bedrock of today's gaming industry and the concept of cultural changes? Due to this advancement, not only do we have various high-tech consoles, PC, and Mobiles that give us the in-game real experience but also offer us the luxury to connect with the best gamers across the world through streaming services provided by streaming companies.

  • That's where the importance of gaming becomes concrete in our minds. With the help of streaming companies like Discord, Twitch, and Youtube, streamers are now able to interact with audiences around the globe by showcasing their gaming skills and monetizing their career. But your favorite games are not made out of thin air, they are processed and created by world-class game designers and developers with wide knowledge in 3D Animation and storytelling. Are you the one who is captivated by gaming and has the knack for creating a unique games then MAAC Vasai is the one-stop solution to all the clutters in your mind? By enrolling in our sensationalized course only for aspiring game designers and game developers ‘Advanced Program In Interactive Designs and Games’

4. Why MAAC Vasai for the Game Design course?

We MAAC Vasai see ‘Teaching’ as an opportunity to contribute to this Exciting, Fast-paced industry of Multimedia and Design by training aspirational game designers and developers. So with our years of experience and professionalism, now you can also build your career in the glorifying gaming world.


MAAC Vasai and are the premium institutes that have already opened their gates of opportunity in Game Designing and Development. As an institute, we believe in possibilities and ensuring a free flow of opportunities for our students who are interested in game designing and development. We MAAC Vasai have deciphered the complex process of game designing and development for all the aspiring game designers and developers in a major course ‘Advance Program in Interactive Design & Games (ADIDG)’ and which will introduce to all the intricacies involved in game designing and development. Don’t you want to build your career in the Gaming industry and serve your creativity to transform your imaginations in the form of a full-fledged game?


Faculties are the base pillar of every educational institute because they build the foundation for students in building their careers. Faculty should be warm in nature and easily approachable to students without any kind of hesitation, and that’s how our faculties at MAAC Vasai. And when it comes to building your career in Game Designing & Development our faculties are always active to help you in your learning process. The gaming industry is a complex industry so our faculties have tried to cover all the possible aspects involved in Gaming in the learning phase. So, at MAAC Vasai, you will be introduced to the dynamics of game designing and development which enable you to transform your creativity and imaginations into one proper playable game. According to the current situation, this is the right time to build your career in game designing and development. Enroll yourself now.

About software

In gaming language, they say the game designers are not only judged on the basis of creating a great storyline and heroic characters but also judged on the basis of how strong their knowledge is when it comes to technicalities that are ‘Software’ to be precise. So in gaming careers, software knowledge is the base to ignite your career for take-off. MAAC Vasai had invested a lot in the varied software so that aspiring game designers don't have to compromise in their learning phase and build the cemented foundation for their career. We cover software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Auditon, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Animate, Sketchup, Lumion, Unity, Unreal Engine, and many more.

Career Guidance

Gaming Industry has now become a source of opportunity for aspiring game designers as there are innumerable career opportunities in this field. Aspiring Games Designers can enjoy different career options ranging from Modelling/Texturing Artist, Rigging Artist, 3D VR Background Artist and Developer for the same, to Game Asset Creator, and many more. Students at MAAC Vasai and will constantly be under faculty surveillance which will help them polish their skills and lead a career in this creativity-driven gaming industry.

5. How will students be benefited?

The gaming industry is the only standalone industry when it comes to career building. This industry is considered as a boon for creative skulls who are frantically searching to utilize their creativity as they are enabled to create as much art as possible without any limitation.

Pumps Creativity

Aspiring Game designers and developers will be able to pump their creativity by pushing themselves to more challenging tasks involved in game designing and development as well.

Amplifies Analytical Skills

In gaming design and development, students are taught to build their logic for creating the functionality of the game which in turn sparks their analytical chord and they can amplify their analytical skills.

Heavy Salary

Being the most demanding course in current times, students and aspiring game designers and developers usually get to bite a huge piece of sweet salary in the industry as they are very rare to find and highly demanding.

Unique Career Arc

Game designers and developers are the only professionals in the industry who has a very unique career arc because if analyzed properly then they build their career by helping people have fun. Isn’t it weird yet fascinating at the same time?

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