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The Web Desinging and Development

1. What is Web Designing?

Web Design refers to the design of the online properties like ‘Website’ to be precise. It is nothing but the website design as a whole. So, web design usually focuses on designing aspects of websites that attract numerous users to a particular website, but by the changing times since mid-2010, the web designing is no more confined to only designing but now it also focuses on the user experience aspect of the website as designing for mobile and tablets has become crucial in current times. Now, the one who works in web designing is known as web designers who are responsible for how the website looks to a user. Web Designers usually focus on the Appearance, Layout, and Structure, of the website. Let's take ‘Appearance’ for instance, then color, images, font style, and font size which are necessary to make an efficient and visually stunning website are focused on by web designers. So, anything which is done on the website excluding backend technicalities is all taken into consideration by a ‘Web Designer’ afterall users are gonna see what’s actually on the website instead of searching for technicalities, the website must be visually stunning to every user landing on a website as the whole reputation of a business as well as a web designer is depended on that website.
MAAC Vasai are providing one of the best web designing courses in Mumbai at our respective centers in the Vasai region. So, if you are willing to start your career in web designing then you are just one call away to get free career guidance from our expert team of advisors.

2. What is Web Development?

A process that refers to building, creating, and maintaining a website is known as web development. It is a complex process where it includes different aspects like web designing, web publishing, web programming, DBMS(DataBase Management System), etc. But in simple terminology, it is nothing but the creation of different digital properties i.e, Website. Website Development is a combination of two terminologies ‘Web’ and ‘Development’ where Web means website and Development means creating and building from a very base level, so website development is the creation and building of a website from a scratch level. But starting a career in web designing and development we must first understand that Website Development is classified into two main compartments that are ‘Front End Development’ and ‘Backend Development.’

  • Front End Development
  • It is the development of such parts of the website where a user directly interacts or takes action like Structure, Design, and Behavior. It is also known as a development from the ‘Client Perspective’.

  • Backend Development
  • It is the development of the technical side of a website. It is the server related development, where users cannot interact directly or indirectly and this is the development of such parts which is not visible to a user on the website unlike the front end so backend development is usually focused on the server-side of a website where all the data of the website is stored.

    But for mastering the complex skill of web development, one must first master the front-end development which includes web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Boot Straps.

  • HTML
  • HTML is a ‘Hyper-Text Markup Language’. It is a computer language that is used to design the front-end part of a website with the help of this language. This language acts as a skeleton or a structure of a website as this language is meant to define the structure of a website.

  • CSS
  • CSS is referred to as a ‘Cascading Style Sheets’ and is a computer language intended to make a website presentable to any user. CSS is defined to give a style or a design to a website once a structure is defined through HTML.

  • JavaScript
  • Once the style and structure of a website is given, still website is incomplete because what about the behavior or working of a website once a user is landed on a page as the working of a website should be simplistic in nature and that’s where Java Script comes into a role as this language defines the behavior of a website for a user.

  • Boot Straps
  • Once ‘Structure’, ‘Style’, and ‘Behavior’ are defined the website is now ready to be published but what if the website doesn’t fit in a mobile or a tablet screen? So to prevent this issue, Boot Straps comes into the picture. Boot Straps are a free and open-source tool package for creating responsive websites and adaptable to every screen. So nowadays every website is responsive irrespective of browser or screen dimensions is all possible because of Boot Straps. Boot Straps 4 and 5 are highly popular when the adaptation and responsiveness of a website is concerned.

Aren’t you curious about the functionality of web design and development? Then what are you waiting for MAAC Vasai have opened their gates to those who are more into web design and development? Here you will learn all the intricacies of front web development with the latest HTML 5 as well.

3. Importance of Web Designing

According to a study, 66% of a user prefers a website over any other medium of information for quick consumption of content. So according to you will the website work and attract the audience to your website with poor Interface and experience? We know your answer is ‘NO’ so for that one must be aware of how web design and development can be the most crucial element for any business or a purpose.

  • First Impression is the Last Impression
  • In a world full of judgments, websites with poor interface and user experience will not be able to survive for long. For making a website unique and standalone one must incorporate the best web design and development practices because if a website is unappealing and confusing to operate then users will question the impression of a business and the ability of a web designer. Hence, the best Web design in a website can result in the upscale growth of a business.

  • Boost your Digital Presence
  • In the generation of digital presence, every business or organization is craving for building their digital presence through Social Networking Sites and another through Websites. So when it comes to a website then driving a traffic on it is only possible through evergreen Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and SEO can be done effectively when a website is accurate, properly build, and easy to comprehend, and for that web design and development is a must.

  • Build your customer psyche
  • As an organization or a business, it is important to position yourself in a positive way in the minds of your customers and prospect. So, a poor website with less content and a confusing interface can build negative psychology of your business in your customers' minds. So now you can understand why web design and development plays a crucial role in building a brand’s digital property i.e, Website.

  • Consistency is the only key
  • Yes, you read it right. But you would be wondering how consistency can act as a key and key to what? So, to clear the clutter in your head, the answer is consistency is a key to immense opportunities and ensures more conversions to your business. So if your webpages are disconnected in respect of font style, font size, structure, and layout, then you won't succeed in generating more leads for your business and eventually, you will stop growing. Hence, Consistency is the only key.

  • Beware, your competitors are on it
  • Lastly, the only reason you should adapt web design and development and incorporate best practices to make your website standalone in the digital markets is that your sweet competitors are already optimizing their websites with respect to best web designing and development aspects.

4. Why MAAC Vasai for Web Designing?

MAAC Vasai is the premium institute supporting various career options of numerous students in our institute. As an Institute we are dynamic in nature and working, as we try to stay update of different career opportunities hitting the markets which can help students uplift their career.


MAAC Vasai is providing an insightful course on web design and development. As an institute we try to focus on teaching the nuances of a particular course which results into building a strong base for your career, because unlike other courses web design and development is a blend of technical as well as creative aspect, so to understand both the aspects are must in order to build a satisfying career as a web designer and developer. So, now you can master this skill from the best course for web design and development, which is been provided by MAAC Vasai. We have a course for you in which you can enroll yourself and enhance your skill i.e, ‘Program in Print Web & 3D’. Are you willing to mould yourself as a web designer and developer and serve your expertise to help brands to grow in digital markets.


When it comes to you and your career, as an institute we MAAC Vasai tries to give you a holistic experience which is a combination of theorical knowledge as well as practical exposure which over the time makes you confident for your skills and expertise. And so to make it possible for you we have a professional team of faculties who holds a very authentic and wide range of experience which makes them who they are. So, you will be under constant expert surveillance throughout your learning phase.

About software

As said before, this course is a blend of a technical as well as creative aspect. So the software to which you will be introduced will be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, and many more to build your skill of web design and on the other hand to master the web development aspect you will be introduced to HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language 5) which you will be using to develop a pure working websites.

Career Guidance

Career is not something what you are in terms of professional designation, instead career is the sureity of continuing something for the next 25 years of life. But sureity for the career should be backed by different opportunities and options in the field that holds your interest. So if you are interested in Web Design and Development then this course (Program in Print Web & 3D Animation)offers you various career options ranging from Web Designer, to UI and UX Designer. Curious? Then enroll yourself in one of the best course for web design and development by MAAC Vasai and start working on your career.

5. How will students be benefited?

Unlike other institutes, MAAC Vasai never sugercoat words and tries to provide a realistic learning experience to their students. So without expanding words let us tell what you will be gaining by enrolling in web design and development course. Through this course you will be able to,

User Interface Designing

Through this course you will not only gain the expertise to build an excellent responsive websites but also you will gain knowledge of ‘UI’ design which is very much necessary for a web designers in the industry as it boosts the visualization criteria.

User Experience Designing

Along with the knowledge of UI designing, you will be learning about designing user experience which is the most essential part of web design and development course as audience are almighty so user experience must be top notch and less-confusing.

Integrate to New Opportunities

Being a web developer and designer you will be able to integrate your knowledge with various opportunities. For instance, You can have access to all the major aspects of conventional digital marketing field because digital marketing is all about building digital presence and websites plays the major role in this. So being a web developer and designer you can also dip your foot in the pool of digital marketing.

Monetize your Career

Being a web designer or web developer, you can monetize your career by creating a multiple channel of income and take your career to the next level.

So, what else do you want to be a web designer and developer when you have everything on your plate. Happy Coding!