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The gaming industry is now known to be one of the most exciting industries in the tech sector as it highlights the culture, social interactions, entertainment, and major technological evolution. PC, Mobile, and Consoled-based gaming companies are staying up to date with the technologies and incorporating such technology in their games to captivate billions of gamers across the globe.
The gaming industry without any doubt is one of the innovative and evolving industries in the tech world nowadays from culture, social networking, and technological up-gradation perspective. Now, the ‘Entertainment Industry’ is not only confined to stars sprawling film industry eg, Bollywood and Hollywood because now gaming itself now is considered as a mood-booster, and games are nowadays considered to be an immense source of entertainment for billions of people across the globe other than star clad movies.
Nobody could have imagined the advancement of the gaming industry at the speed it is advancing constantly each and every day. No one had expected this success of this industry while playing the sensational ‘The Mario world’ game in the late 80s and 90s. Who would have thought that these simplistic games would turn out to be the bedrock of today's gaming industry and the concept of cultural changes? Due to this advancement, not only do we have various high-tech consoles, PC, and Mobiles that give us the in-game real experience but also offer us the luxury to connect with the best gamers across the world through streaming services provided by streaming companies.
That's where the importance of gaming becomes concrete in our minds. With the help of streaming companies like Discord, Twitch, and Youtube, streamers are now able to interact with audiences around the globe by showcasing their gaming skills and monetizing their career. But your favorite games are not made out of thin air, they are processed and created by world-class game designers and developers with wide knowledge in 3D Animation and storytelling. Are you the one who is captivated by gaming and has the knack for creating a unique games then MAAC is the one-stop solution to all the clutters in your mind? By enrolling in our sensationalized course only for aspiring game designers and game developers ‘Advanced Program In Interactive Designs and Games’.

Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games provides end-to-end training in creating augmented & virtual reality designs for interactive media. The course offers dedicated modules for 2D Interactivity & Design Viz, Integration using Unity game engine for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Mobile Gaming development using Unity, Games level designing and development, and Game asset integration using Unreal game engine. ADIDG course at MAAC makes you a pro in design visualisation, character animation, digital sculpting, game asset creation, and augmented and virtual reality. These skills are high in-demand at the top studios who are constantly looking for all-round professionals who can deliver high-stake projects. The course also provides hands-on practical training on software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Animate, Sketchup, Lumion, and Autodesk® 3ds Max. This gaming course at MAAC provides a 360 degree learning approach as it focusses on the development of interactive designs in various forms which are extensively used in various industries including Gaming. It includes a comprehensive content structure that covers the use of UNITY & UNREAL Game engines. These are one of the most powerful and highly used game engines in Industry. ADIDG course also helps you to create mobile and& PC/Console game right from scratch like design, asset creation, development to publishing, thereby giving a complete working knowledge of the pipeline.

This comprehensive career course in gaming at MAAC is exclusively designed for aspirants like you who wants to make a career in Game Asset Development, Character Animation, Game Level Designing and Character Modelling. The program curriculum covers fundamentals of the two most popular game engines - UNITY & UNREAL. It also includes a specialization series on Mobile Gaming, PC and Console.
By joining Advanced Program in Game Design & Integration at MAAC, you will get an opportunity to interact with industry experts, attend webinars, visit gaming studios, and learn about the intricacies of game design and development. At the same time you will also get extensive training on industry-oriented software like Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.
All MAAC centres are backed by experienced faculty and state-of-the-art classrooms. Our faculty ensure that you get a grasp of the topics and make way for a successful career in the gaming industry.

This is a professional course in gaming that includes a dedicated module on Game Art Fundamentals for asset creation, modules on two robust Game engines - Unity and Unreal along with specialization modules on AR covering Product app and AR Game creation and specialization modules on VR covering immersive experience app development and VR games. Those of you who are enthusiastic about the new-age technology of Augmented and Virtual Reality and want to make a promising career in the field of immersive content, can enrol for this course at MAAC.
After successfully completing this gaming course from MAAC, you can work in the industry as an AR Artist, AR Designer, VR Artist or Game Developer. The gaming industry is booming. So is the demand for AR VR professionals. Enrol for the course at MAAC and make way for a fabulous career in the field of immersive content.

Program in Mobile Game Design & Integration at MAAC is a career course that provides end-to-end training in all aspects of Mobile Gaming. The program includes a specialised module on Mobile Gaming that trains you to create and publish mobile games. This course also aims to keep you updated with the growing needs and demands of the mobile gaming industry.
As a part of this gaming course at MAAC, you will be trained on industry-specific software like Photoshop, Quixel, Maya, and Zbrush. Our expert mentors ensure that you learn the nitty-gritty of mobile game design by organizing timely workshops and expert sessions and by giving you regular assignments and projects to work upon. On successfully completing Program in Mobile Game Design & Integration from MAAC, you will be able to shape your career as a Character Artist, Mobile Game Designer, Mobile Game Developer, or 2D Artist.


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Our Star Alumni "Karan Toraskar" who is now working with "Jerai Fitness Pvt" as a "3D Modeler".



Our Star Alumni "Subham Surve" who is now working with "88 Pictures" as a "3D Animator".



Our Star Alumni "Nitesh Suthar" who is now working with "Rockstar Games" as a "Character Gameplay Animator.".

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"Nice and professional staff members Very good experience with the working staff and excellent teaching."

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"Good faculty. Excellent teaching. Having a good family teaching us is a very good influence on us.. I love to be here rather than being with my family.❤️ The enjoyment, the events and all arrangement are all best. Thank you MAAC Vasai."

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